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The power of collaboration

The Machine Shop is the collaborative workspace co-founded by four independent creative studios as a shared studio space, with room for a few like-minded creative folks to join us along the way. Located in downtown Colorado Springs, this former automotive garage is now home to artists, architects, developers, designers, writers and video wizards.

So, can you fix my car?

Probably not. Our name is an homage to our studio’s history. Nicknamed “The Machine Shop” by the hard-working folks who worked here in decades past, our workspace still embodies the same roll-up-our-sleeves, straight-talking, fix-it-better mentality as our predecessors. But, with 100% more creativity and a whole lot less axle grease.

You’ll find us doing creative work for clients, sharing ideas, throwing events, eating tacos, collaborating on projects, hosting artists, and sending a signal boost to the creative greatness in our community.

Nuts & Bolts


Although we’re independent companies with a range of skill sets, we share one important trait: creativity. We put every ounce of energy into creating/building/designing/capturing creative responses for our clients and (we hope) for the betterment of our world.


In the immortal words of Vanilla Ice, we like to “stop, collaborate and listen.” We think that working together when projects call for it, sharing our lives, work and ideas can only lead to good things, except for when someone plays Ice Ice Baby on the stereo.


We love Colorado Springs, and part of our mission is to find ways to collaborate not only with each other, but with you. From events, classes, our artist-in-residence program and ideas we haven’t dreamed up yet, we’ve got big plans for all of us.

The Machinists

We’ve got anchor companies who founded and share our space, along with a quarterly artist-in-residence
and a few like-minded creative folks who work alongside us or drop in to collaborate.

Design Rangers

Field guides to the creative world.

Design Rangers Website


Architecture + interiors that embody culture, craft, and sustainability.

ECHO Website


Brand Design Studio

FIXER Website

AIGA Colorado Springs

Our local outpost of the national association of design. Committed to advancing design as a professional craft, strategic advantage and vital cultural force.

AIGA Colorado Springs Website

Emily JB Sullivan

The goal of the Machine Shop’s residency is to support local artists in their process as well as encourage creativity within our space.

Emily JB Sullivan Website

The Space

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Upcoming Events

Olio:Maker Market at the Machine Shop

The Machine Shop is proud to host OLIO, a curated Makers Market, dedicated to highlighting the imaginative creatives in our community, including – artisans, designers, makers, artists, florists, creative art installations, and more.  – 20 local makers – Food by the Denver Vegan Van + Wellness Sushi – Drinks + Refreshments   Olio believes in… Read more »

Full Event Info

More Events

Join the Machine

Although we’re not a traditional open coworking space, everyone can join “the Machine.”

Have an idea? An event? A project you need one or all of us to work on?
Drop us a line. Our (enormous) front door is wide open.

We occasionally have a space or two for some like-minded creatives, but we also will have events, classes, art shows, and an artist-in-residence program that we’d love to have you be part of.

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