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BELLWETHER: First Friday with Giants & Pilgrims

Betony Coons is an artist. Tim Coons is a musician. As a married couple they create projects together.

Betony and Tim met in Kansas, but fell in love in Colorado. That’s where they live today, married 11 years, raising three girls, and working the fields of art and music together. 
As Giants & Pilgrims they create from their daily surroundings;  the world of family, love, struggle, the need from more time, or the ongoing process of growing up and becoming who we’re meant to be. 
Betony Coons’ paintings are large, iconic images holding frenetic energy and bold color within the collage elements and acrylic paint. Her pieces explore home, love and struggle.
Tim Coons’ indie-folk music is filled with eclectic, singer-songwriter anthems on home, love, and struggle. The extensive songwriting work features a wide assortment of instruments and arrangements.


About the Bellwether Series:

Each painting in this series explores a faith archetype– a story that we find repeated again and again in literature and mythology.   Like the hero’s journey, these are stories that our larger collective conscience as human beings resonate with again and again.

These are stories of sacrifice, baptism, rising from the dead, deserts, and being lost and found.  They are stories that make their way into the religious texts of most faiths.  Stories that have been around as long as humans have looked up to the clouds and prayed to the gods.

For me each of these pieces has a very personal narrative.  They represent little moments in my own story and life that have spoken to those larger archetypes.


The Woods

artist website: https://giantsandpilgrims.com

The event is finished.


Apr 07 2017


6:00 pm - 9:00 pm




The Machine Shop
4 S Wahsatch Ave #120 Colorado Springs, CO


Valerie Lloyd
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