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Distance, Presence: new work by Emily Sullivan

The Machine Shop is excited to present: Distance, Presence: new work by recent studio resident Emily Sullivan

This a virtual First Friday from 6-9 pm.  Work will be available for purchase online via our website which will feature images of work and a video of the gallery. We will also host by-appointment viewings during June and July. The show will be on display until July 29th. The Machine Shop is currently closed to the public, open to appointments only.

New paintings by Emily Sullivan explore the idea of distance and presence. Sullivan will debut a large canvas of a billowing cloudscape, as well as a group of intimate paintings about creating memories. Additionally, the show features a series entitled “Pandemic Paintings” that responds to the current global pandemic that hit partway through her residency.

About the show:
“I use cloud imagery to represent ideas like change, transitions, the passing of time, and now distance and presence. I titled the show “Distance, Presence” originally because the work is about the time my husband and I spend together and apart due to his work in the military. My work last fall during his deployment was about that time apart, with open, empty skies. This work explores our time together this year. When words like “social distancing” started being used in March, and everyone was stuck at home alone or around the same people, I realized that distance and presence were happening at the same time: we were both distanced from other people, and extremely present to ourselves and co-habitants. Some of the paintings are more about building memories and being present to places and time together, and others respond more specifically to the pandemic.”-Emily Sullivan

About the Artist:


Emily Sullivan is a painter and instructor in Colorado Springs, CO. She grew up in Cincinnati, OH and attended Xavier University, completing a BFA in painting, drawing, and art education. She earned an MFA in painting at Colorado State University. Sullivan has a studio at Cottonwood Center for the Arts (#242) and is an adjunct professor at Pikes Peak Community College. Her husband’s work in the military continues to inspire much of her work, as they move around the country and shift between time together and apart. She explores themes of distance, transitions, and movement through cloud and sky imagery.


The event is finished.


Jun 05 2020 - Jul 25 2020


Times only for opening, please schedule appointment for in-person viewing.
5:00 pm - 8:00 pm

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