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Inside a Hidden City: Abstract Reflections on a City in Self-Discovery by Diane Reeves

We are excited to present May’s First Friday opening featuring abstract paintings by Diane Reeves.

View Diane’s work in our online gallery

About the Show:
Colorado Springs is a city in flux, a place in the process of self-discovery and formation. Much of the change has been behind the scenes as it were: people here and there making spaces for creativity, crafting delightful food, forming extraordinary architecture, all vibrant and gravitative, but in various ways hidden, concealed by the qualities of an unpretentious instinct. This show is an exploration of this place’s efforts of discovery. These abstract reflections on our evolution are each an interaction with a meaningful location in Colorado Springs, offering an invitation inside a hidden city: the hidden city of the artist’s interiority and the hidden city of Colorado Springs, to share its promise and contribute something to its becoming.
About the Artist:
Diane Reeves paints to make sense of things, to process thoughts, and to have a conversation with the world.  She has been painting for a number of years, exploring her surroundings, learning her places as she paints each one. She is married to a man who loves the snow, and has five children, each with their own extraordinary creativities.  She studied computers in college which feels like a world away from now, she designs interior spaces, and she agrees with Wayne White that there are places and experiences so beautiful they hurt your feelings.

The event is finished.


May 07 2021


6:00 pm - 9:00 pm


The Machine Shop
4 S Wahsatch Ave


Valerie Lloyd
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