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Posies: work by emerging artist Alix Garcia

On display November 5th-27th, by appointment or view work online

Posies is an emotional deadheading — the working through of unaddressed feelings in order to promote personal growth. Inspired by nature and fantasy, the pieces of Posies depict whimsical, diaristic expressions of unresolved emotions and unrealized ideals, materializing as small, simple, yet slightly cryptic narrative illustrations.

Posies focuses heavily on symbolism via floral taxonomy and floriography — the language of flowers. The flowers featured are real, pressed and preserved, retaining the manifestation of sentiment. They serve as the focus of each story, influencing the accommodating illustrations both in form and function. While visually distinct from each other, together they create a diary of current reflections on past, stagnant emotions, offering an opportunity for reflection.

About the Artist:

Born in Germany to a Belgian mother and a Filipino father, Alix Garcia is an artist currently practicing in Colorado Springs. She graduated from the University of Colorado Colorado Springs in 2016 with a BA in Visual and Performing Arts.
Classifying as a mixed-media artist, Garcia noncommittally bounces among different media, exploring different avenues for emotional expression. Her current focus lies within illustrative design which is inspired by her long-standing fascination with pop culture, mythology, fantasy, and nature. While those interests tend to have escapist qualities to them, Garcia is interested in exploring how they can be used as a means of confrontation, particularly regarding self- examination.

On display until November 27th, by appointment only
email valerie@jointhemachine.com for more information


The event is finished.


Nov 05 - 27 2021


All Day


FREE to the public


The Machine Shop
4 S Wahsatch Ave


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