Due to unexpected circumstances, THIS EVENT HAS BEEN POSTPONED.  SURFACE GALLERY WILL OPEN ON AUGUST 7th, featuring New Work by Becca Day.

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SEDIMENTARY: new work by Bri McGrew of Universe Conspires

We are so excited to present SEDIMENTARY: new work by Bri McGrew, of Universe Conspires.  Bri is best known for her incredible jewelry designs, but is also incredible at creating sculptural pieces which use materials and skills she has learned in her jewelry making process.  This show will focus on sculptural elements that pay homage to earthen wrought materials as wells as a variety of metal work.  You do not want to miss this, it will be an incredibly beautiful and thoughtful collection.


About the Exhibit:

SEDIMENTARY attempts to translate some sliver of the ineffable nature of embodied experience. The nuance that remains too expansive for words to carry. My thinking here is that perhaps, the intentional arrangement of natural materials can bring us closer. The Latin, “genius loci,” translates to “the pervading spirit of a place.” This is perceived as the distinct way the elements combine in a particular space. How the sea carves a craggy shoreline over millennia, the quality of light filtering through the redwood canopy, the smell of briny salt-air. The confluence generates an unmistakable essence that can be sensed and emotionally felt.

Throughout this exhibition, the materiality of stone and metal serve as the foundation to this concept, as I endeavor to reference boundless nature of time, the changeable landscape of memory & dreams and my own framework of experience.

Stone has an innately narrative quality, both in appearance and physicality. Cutting through rock is like opening a portal to deep time and the memory of the land. It’s quite literally a documentation of place—layers of matter meeting environment over centuries.

Metal, by contrast, is malleable and conductive. It provides a structure to amplify what it encounters. Its crystalline structure can take many forms, and, in this way, it becomes an extension of my will to impart clues.  – Bri McGrew

About the Artist:

Bri McGrew was born in Colorado Springs, CO in 1988. She studied printmaking and sculpture at Pacific Northwest College of Art in Portland, OR from 2007-2008, but ultimately her interest shifted to contemporary craft, specifically jewelry. McGrew began metalsmithing and founded her jewelry line, The Universe Conspires, in 2010. In the last several years she’s honed in on lapidary, with a focus on utilizing the natural palette of rare Jaspers and old-stock, US mined rocks to create stone mosaics set in recycled metals. As an multidisciplinary artist, her work endeavors to translate felt experience and a sense of place to the material object—shape, color, texture and structure evoking the ineffable qualities the of emotional and corporeal. Her sculptures of woven, crocheted, cast and soldered metals and stone are largely built from her collection of materials deemed unsuitable for jewelry, then utilized in a contemporary context. McGrew moved to Pueblo, CO in 2021 and works closely with the community of Colorado Center for Metal Arts. This is her second solo-exhibition of mixed media sculpture, the first being an ephemeral, site-specific installation at UCCS’ Heller Center in June of 2018.

The event is finished.

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