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STILL MOVING SOUND: a sound and film installation by MOBDIVIDUAL

The Machine Shop is proud to present  STILL MOVING SOUND:  a sound and film installation by MOBDIVIDUAL

Brian Elyo, musician-artist, writes:


Slow down. Live more slow. Listen. Meditate – not only after yoga, not only on the mountain top; while you wait. Be still. Find art. Observe poetry. Decide beauty. Open interpretation for yourself. Perception: it is what you make it.

I have created a series of filmed short-form vignettes 15 seconds to several minutes; all created using an iphone and a macro lens. I use nature and found objects as the subject. The vignettes shift focus from clear to blurry and slowly unfold their worlds. These are amongst the smallest details of our life. I do not intervene, nor modify the stage, and are unedited from start to finish. These subjects are visible with the un-aided eye, but often go unnoticed.

These vignettes will be projected to a larger-than-life-size on two walls of the machine shop while I play my style of ambient music to their movements. The blurry. The focus. The shifting colors and tones. Part documentary, part still life, part happy accident. All found and experienced by me slowing down and not expecting to be entertained. Allowing the surroundings to envelope me. Deciding I can find beauty and poetry anywhere.

-brian elyo / mobdividual March 2018


The Machine Shop will be open from 7-9pm, with a live, one night only performance at 7:30-8:30pm.


The event is finished.


Mar 02 2018


7:00 pm - 9:00 pm
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