Pandemic Paintings: Hope on the Horizon (1)


Oil on linen canvas board, by Emily Sullivan

Dimensions: 8×10″


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About the art: “The “Pandemic Paintings” series started in March when shelter-in-place orders were issues due to the coronavirus pandemic. For a few weeks, I shifted my studio practice from The Machine Shop to my apartment where my work had to be small and portable. Working on these paintings during quarantine kept me grounded — my eyes were keen for interesting clouds and gathering images for these paintings motivated me to get outside. The series that resulted in different skyscapes against a bold horizon that starts as an alarming red and gradually transitions to a warm, hopeful, golden yellow. The work reflects a progression through the uncertainty, fear, and anxiety caused by the pandemic, with varied skies reminding us that both change and beauty are constant. “Pandemic Paintings” end on a note of hope, maintaining the perspective that we will someday emerge on the other side.” -Emily Sullivan

Oil on linen canvas board


dimensions: 8×10″

hanger on back


Dimensions 8 × 10 in
About the artist

Emily Sullivan

Emily Sullivan is a painter and instructor in Colorado Springs, CO. She explores themes of distance, transitions, and movement through cloud and sky imagery.
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