Uphill skiing at Crested Butte the day before my 28th birthday


Oil on shellacked paper, by Emily Sullivan

Dimensions: 9×9″

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About this work:

“My spouse’s work in the Army means we shift between time together and time apart, and this series explores what it means to be present to our time together. Clouds chosen from photos of everyday experiences together fade into a warm vignette, indicating that these moments will someday be memories I call upon during time apart. The square format reflects an expanded calendar entry and will continue to document our year together before his next deployment.” -Emily Sullivan

Oil on shellacked paper

9×9″ white frame with glass

Sawtooth hanger on back

Dimensions 6 × 6 in
About the artist

Emily Sullivan

Emily Sullivan is a painter and instructor in Colorado Springs, CO. She explores themes of distance, transitions, and movement through cloud and sky imagery.
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